Financial Registers on the Czech market

  • This example was created as part of the update and modernization of existing, mostly text, courses EFPA CR </ li >
  • The task was to produce current materials in an engaging and playful way that would motivate students not only to “one-time study”, but also increase their participation in other courses
  • Therefore, a semi-animated guide was used in the demonstration, to which the student can better form a “relationship”.
  • Courses have a Czech voiceover (they are spoken in Czech) – not part of the sample (replaced by “ mumbling ” sound)
  • An diamond search element is embedded in the courses – diamonds are hidden in various places within the courses.
  • A diligent student can find hidden diamonds among study texts, inside interactive videos or in supplementary materials. He can then receive physical rewards for these diamonds (certificate of “active” student, discounts on other courses, etc.)
  • In courses, common ABCD quizes have been replaced for more interactive image moving, sorting options, etc.
  • SCORM course for client system implementation

  • Type: Sample e-learning course
  • Technology: Articulate Storyline 2, Affinity Designer, SCORM

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