When creating such a course, I draw on my expertise in the fields of pedagogy and andragogy.

Correct in terms of technology and didactics

A quality e-learning course should have the required educational effect. Visual qualities are not sufficient. A well prepared course has to captivate students, engage their attention and capture it optimally until the end.

When creating such courses, therefore, I draw on my expertise in the fields of pedagogy and andragogy. I can prepare required educational content clearly, comprehensibly and didactically correct. My courses make sense.

Creating tailored courses

Do you want to create an e-learning course dealing with your intern processes – for example recruitment or initial training of new employees? Are you including a new product to your menu and do you want to educate your dealers about it? Do you want to save money for full-time training course about OHS and FP and replace it with its e-learning equivalent? I will be glad to create a tailored e-learning course for you.

I will make an e-learning course for you regardless of the topic.
I will be glad to make use of my experience.
Send me your presentation or materials and I will make an interactive e-learning course out of it.

Your materials, my experience

Do you already have your paper materials, electronic manuals, booklets, power point presentations or sample videos ready? I will be glad to create an e-learning course out of it.

I can convert your presentations, word documents or PDFs into an e-learning format and make graphically demanding multimedia and interactive courses.

A course suited to your possibilities

I make courses using the HTML5 technology. Thanks to that, you can input a created course not only into your education system (LMS) but also publish it directly on your web pages, intern systems and intranets.

The price of an e-learning course is dependent especially on the extent, graphic design, used media and degree of interactivity. Tell me your idea about e-learning course or your budget. Relying on my rich experience, I will always find the best solution for you.

The courses are ready to be implemented into any system which supports standards SCORM / xAPI.