Web pages are nowadays an essential part of personal and company presentation. On their web pages, people provide information to their business partners, current and future customers.

Web pages should be presentable, professionally looking and, most importantly, well arranged.

I can make your personal web pages presenting you in a simple way as well. This is especially suitable for craftsmen, coaches, consultants and photographers.

I can make professional web pages about your company, products or services.

Easy administration and updating

Having web pages, you should take into consideration continuous updating, alteration of texts, adding new information, recommendations, etc. Therefore, it is more convenient for you if you can change your web pages yourself without the help of a programmer. In order to make this possible, I use the editorial system WordPress or October CMS. You are able to log in administration of web pages created in this way and there is a clear display of current content of your web pages which you can simply alter in a text editor. Just like when you write documents in Word.

Why should you want web pages made by me?

NThe most common editorial system is without doubt the WordPress. This is the reason why there are so many people working with it who are able to „set“ it for you in a few minutes.

BUnfortunately, only few of these web „authors“ are able to see web pages in a broader context and realize its purpose and goal. They might create fascinating web pages full of effects and functionalities. However, they will not care about whether the web pages have simple organisation, intuitive navigation and whether its users find necessary information and the web pages make the desired impression on them. It is hard to say whether such web pages fulfil their purpose or not. Another key aspect to consider is the subsequent administration of web pages – it is essential that you can easily administrate your web pages, alter the content and get oriented quickly.

I recommend the editorial system October CMS to my clients because it is suitable both for the simplest web pages and extensive internet portals.

If you decide you want your web pages from me, you can expect web pages suited to your needs. I use advanced and paid extensions of WordPress as well which allow using your web pages without compromises. However, I am gradually transferring to a more modern system (OctoberCMS) where I create web pages exactly according the wishes of my customers. This system has much more transparent administration, so that the subsequent management is really a piece of cake.


The price of creating web pages about a freelancer or a small company ranges from 750 €.

The exact calculation is always dependent on the complicatedness of graphic design, extent of the web pages and required functionalities. To get an accurate calculation, do not hesitate to contact me.